It was a pleasure to work with Creating Connections at Summer Camp. For them, it's absolutely key that the children enjoy themselves whilst they are learning. This meant that I had the chance to try out new ideas and to be really creative. I also found it to be a really collaborative working environment - we shared ideas and discussed activities together.
I really enjoyed myself with the children who had so much energy and who were really enthusiastic to learn, read, play and sing in English. What's more, I learnt a lot from the experience.

Jen Moran

When I started working with ‘Creating Connections’ I was relatively new to teaching, I had read a lot of theoretical books on education as a part of my degree and was both excited and nervous to put theory into practice. The guidance that the other teachers gave me was incredible, they made me feel supported whilst also allowing me to gain confidence and develop myself as a professional. Their feedback helped my lessons improve vastly, I felt more comfortable tailoring the topics and approaches to the students’ interests and introducing them to the language not just as a set of grammar and vocabulary, but an important part of who I am and the culture I grew up in. I have never before worked with staff that are so passionate, dedicated and ready to improve and grow with their students and coworkers.



What I learnt from Creating Connections is that school is not all about learning by heart, but it is also by learning how to ``create connections``. I learnt that being able to use foreign languages does not only enrich your CV, but it also helps you become a much more rounded person. A proper process of learning has helped me grow up, without having somebody else's opinion blinding me. Furthermore, what makes me proud of having been a student in this school, is having had the possibility to get into Cambridge University, something I would have never thought myself as being capable of on my own.

Virginia Ibra

Studying with Creating Connections since I was a child, I learnt that studying a foreign language is a lot more than knowing words by heart or understanding a different language: it's opening your eyes on another world, thinking through different schemes, widening one's horizons. It not only gave me the possibility of finding a new way of studying languages, but it offered me so much more in terms of culture and personal development – it helped me grow up and gave shape to my university career.