Communicative Approach

Engaging and dynamic lessons: team activities, role-play games, a guided discovery of grammar rules, group projects... To learn in a natural way, having fun.


Passion and Enthusiasm

Thanks to our great passion for languages and their learning, we will follow you, a smile on our faces, in a customised way, whatever your needs.


Innovative Tools

Interactive whiteboards, cyber homework, TV channels, individual pads, magazines, newspapers and a lot more to find out in our open access library.


Passion and Professionality

Our family is specialised in language courses, translation, interpreting and other linguistic services and is based in Montalcino, Siena.

During the school year, we offer language courses for children, teenagers and adults. Signing up for our courses gives you access to a wide range of intercultural possibilities: participate in specialised workshops, watch films in their original language, travel abroad for the weekend, take part in cultural intitatives, attend English Full Immersion Weekends… and a lot more is to come!
During summertime, we offer Summer Camps and advice on study vacations and intensive/professional training courses or placements abroad.

Collaborating with other teachers, professional translators/interpreters and partner schools in foreign countries, we create connections between and among private customers, companies and schools.



is an educator since 1991, she holds a degree in Education Studies and Teaching of English from the JVG Institute in Buenos Aires. Founder of Canterbury School of English in Buenos Aires and Creating Connections in Montalcino, “Patsy” made pedagogy and teaching her personal and professional mission.
After years of developing workshops and innovative learning programmes, she developed the Bilingualism Project, a unique language-learning approach focusing on socio-emotional development and oracy skills in children.
With more than 30 years experience as a teacher and mother, in the past few year she has specialised in family engagement in education through an online professional development course run by Harvard University.
It is through this learning experience that the School for Parents took shape, a space for debates, workshops and conferences by educators from the whole of Italy.
Patsy strongly believes in the fundamental role of schools, families and communities in children’s education.
After years of experience teaching young children, she has decided to specialise in Early Years Education through a new professional development course.


is an Italian, English and Spanish simultaneous interpreter and translator.
After graduating in Applied Interlinguistic Communication at the University of Trieste, she obtained a Masters Degree in Conference Interpreting and successfully completed the European Masters Degree in Conference Interpreting organised by the European institutions.
Working for Creating Connections, Melina grew passionate of teaching languages and, in 2014, specialised in teaching English as a foreign language.
She is fond of illustrations (check out some of her creations here), she thoroughly organises the school's creative workshops and provides translation and interpreting services, along with taking care of trips to foreign countries (in which is happy to take part whenever possible).


is a Spanish teacher (certified by the Instituto Cervantes) at Creating Connections.
He has a great passion for music, cinema and the Spanish-speaking world in general.
He is in charge of the Spanish workshops and courses for children and adults, as well as the workshops in Spanish.
When he is not teaching, Angelo takes care of photocopies, maintenance, gardening, technical and IT problem solving, transport logistics, student support and school office administration.
If you cannot find him, he is probably making some coffee for you.


loves travelling and knows five languages.
After obtaining the Cambridge certificate to teach English as a foreign language, he decided to specialise in the field of education. He holds a degree in Education Studies at the and an MPhil in International Development from the University of Cambridge where he specialised in education policy and sociology of education.
In our schools, he is in charge of the organisation of courses, curricula, and Skype lessons.
In collaboration with Melina and Patsy, he has worked on the development of the curriculum and pedagogies of the Bilingualism Project.
He teaches history and social studies to the students of the Bilingualism Project, and always enjoys learning more about sociology and politics.
Over the course of the past year, he took courses in social innovation in rural areas and he is always looking for new projects.



I am Elena, a passionate educator and teacher and I strongly believe in the power of education to change the world and to help each of us to become global citizens. I studied at the University of Cambridge, where I then worked as teacher and school leader in an innovative primary school. I am also a certified children's and adults' yoga teacher and I recently spent some time in India to develop my practice. I now work for the NGO Still I Rise supporting schools all over the world. I am passionate about creative and active learning, the arts, languages, philosophy, reading and I am always looking for new opportunities to learn. I already worked as a teacher at Creating Connections and remember the meaningful times with the children and the wonderful learning experiences that I was involved in. I am very happy to be able to take part in some teaching experiences and be part of this family, to share my passion and to learn together with the children and their families.


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