Courses for children (3-12 years) follow a communicative approach, which makes learning the English language all the more significant and natural.
The key to learning is having fun, and the aim of this course is to learn the language in a creative and engaging environment.
The Cambridge English section offers an eight-month course with one-hour lessons held twice a week. The aim of the courses is completing the Cambridge English programs (former Cambridge ESOL), to teach children to master, as soon as they start learning the language, the four skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking in English. During the year, lessons will be enriched by themed workshops (computer science, art, theatre, cinema and lots more).

At the end of the course, children will each receive an attendance certificate reporting the level they achieved and a personal report card containing the teachers’ remarks on their progress and improvement. Anyone interested is also provided with the chance of taking an examination for the Cambridge ESOL international certification (8-year-old or older students).

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